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Bishop Museum Press is proud to publish not only hardcopy publications but also digital volumes of some of our most sought-after titles. Browse our ebook section to see the list of titles currently available for purchase. Ebooks are delivered to you within hours of your purchase via an automated email notification. Ebook files may be downloaded an unlimited number of times by the purchaser. This allows you to add your books on all of your devices!


All of our ebooks are delivered in the standard EPUB format. EPUBs are designed to optimize text for easy viewing on a variety of devices and can be easily converted for use on most smartphones, tablets, and computers. EPUB is widely used on software readers such as Google Play Books on Android and Apple Books on iOS and MacOS, but NOT by Amazon Kindle e-readers. We recommend checking if your device supports EPUB reading and if additional software is needed prior to your purchase. If you are experiencing difficulty accessing your purchased files, please contact us via email so that we may assist you.

If your device does not automatically support the EPUB format, free and downloadable conversion software exists for many platforms and devices. Please visit the following links for recommended software downloads and other helpful links.



Default reader for Mac and iOS products. 

Windows, iOS, and Android compatible. 


Windows and iOS compatible. 

Windows and iOS compatible. 


Mac and iOS compatible. 


Android compatible. 



"EPUB Files" by Google Books

"How to Read EPUB Files on Your Kindle" by CNET

EPUB Reader App for Apple Products

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