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Bishop Museum Press requires that parties interested in using copyrighted content and materials from Bishop Museum Press publications must contact us in advanced so that we may evaluate your request. Bishop Museum Press grants permission of use for educational and scholarly purposes. We do not grant permission of use for commercial goods or services. Depending on the nature and scope of the request, usage fees may apply.

To inquire about obtaining permission to use copyrighted materials, please contact us and provide the following preliminary details about your publication or project. 

Relevant Details for Permission of Use Inquiries

  • Your name:
  • Contact information:
  • Affiliated organization(s):
  • Description of copyrighted material requested:
  • Source publication title:
  • Source page numbers:
  • Your project / publication title:
  • Project / publication description and purpose:
  • Media types (ex. Print book, ebook, video, audio, etc):
  • Proposed publication date (if applicable):
  • Proposed publication print run (if applicable):
  • Finally, indicate whether the final product will be sold or made freely accessible to the public. 

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