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Monumentality and Ritual Materialization in the Society Islands: The Archaeology of a Major Ceremonial Complex in the ʻOpunohu Valley, Moʻorea

This scholarly publication is volume 13 in the Bishop Museum Bulletins in Anthropology series.

From an ethnohistoric perspective, the Maʻohi of the Society Islands were among the most complex of all Polynesian chiefdoms, yet few archaeologists have exploited the research possibilities afforded by this key archipelago. In this monograph we integrate new data from the Society Islands into discussions concerning the evolution of social complexity in chiefdoms, not only in Polynesia, but worldwide. By doing so, we illustrate the avenues by which elites propagated sociopolitical power. Our research focuses on the materialization of ritual and ideology at the community-level utilizing a “house society” perspective, … contentrating on the role of marae, or monumental temple sites.

Jennifer G. Kahn and Patrick Vinton Kirch
Date of Publication: 2014
Size: 7 x 10 in.
Pages: 267
Binding: paper
ISBN: 9781581781267