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Ka Poʻe Kahiko: The People of Old (ebook)

Samuel Mānaiakalani Kamakau (1815–1876) was one of the prominent Native Hawaiian scholars of the nineteenth century. Kamakau’s series on Hawaiian history and culture originally appeared in the weekly Hawaiian-language newspapers Ke Au ʻOkoʻa and Ka Nupepa Kuʻokoʻa from 1866 to 1871. In Ka Poʻe Kahiko, Kamakau documents the fundamental principles underlying the daily activities of Hawaiian life. Kamakau discusses the organization of Hawaiian society as a whole and describes each class, focusing in particular on the spiritual and religious aspects. Kamakau delves into the history of ʻanāʻanā (true magic) and hanaʻino (sorcery) and provides historical examples.

Written by Samuel M. Kamakau
Translated by Mary Kawena Pukui
Arranged and edited by Dorothy B. Barrère
Illustrated by Joseph Feher
Date of Publication: 1964
Size: 6 x 9 in.
Pages: 174
Binding: paper

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