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Native Land and Foreign Desires: Pehea Lā E Pono Ai? How Shall We Live in Harmony? (ebook)

Lilikalā Kame‘eleihiwa, a rigorous scholar and impassioned writer, presents the first detailed analysis of the Māhele from a contemporary Hawaiian perspective. Using Hawaiian-language sources, Kame‘eleihiwa analyzes the traditional Hawaiian relationship, both spiritual and political, to the land. She traces the changes in that relationship, through Christian conversion and American colonization, to explain how Hawaiian land was wrongfully taken from chiefs as well as commoners. With an admirable commitment to her people’s future as well as past, Kame‘eleihiwa follows in the illustrious tradition of nineteenth-century Hawaiian intellectuals David Malo, John Papa ʻĪʻī, and Samuel Kamakau. Her work, in turn, has provided historians of the twenty-first century with endless material for reflection and interpretation.

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