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Nā Moʻolelo Lomilomi: The Traditions of Hawaiian Massage and Healing

Lomilomi is the traditional art of Hawaiian massage, an ancient practice that is renowned for being a soothing, flowing, gentle, and relaxing experience. To the healers of old Hawaiʻi, lomilomi was much more. As documented from historic sources dating from 1779, lomilomi was connected to almost every aspect of Hawaiian life, from pregnancy and the birthing process to lua, the ancient Hawaiian martial art. Lomilomi is comprised of a variety of methods and treatments, include heat and water therapies, chiropractic manipulation, bone setting, and ho‘oponopono (counseling). It can cure the most common ailments, or bring someone back from the brink of death. Essential for lomilomi students and practitioners, Nā Moʻolelo Lomilomi delves into the historic roots, the cultural context, and the diversity of the traditional healing art.

Edited by Makana Risser Chai
Date of Publication: 2005
Reprinted: 2024
Size: 7 x 10 in.
Pages: 236
Binding: paper
ISBN: 9781581780468