Marine Green and Brown Algae of the Hawaiian Islands

Marine Green and Brown Algae of the Hawaiian Islands

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The first comprehensive taxonomic treatment of these two groups of marine plants for the tropical and subtropical Pacific, Marine Green and Brown Algae of the Hawaiian Islands covers intertidal and deep subtidal habitats (to depths of 300 ft.) of the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands and the main Hawaiian Islands. Many new species and records of distribution in the Hawaiian Islands are described, with 61 species of brown algae and 105 species of green algae, which join the previously published red algae, making a total of 514 marine algae for the Hawaiian Islands.

The author, Dr. Isabella Aiona Abbott, was a phycologist and an ethnobotanist. For her various publications, she received the National Academy of Science G. M. Smith Medal in 1997. She was an honorary research associate at Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum and a member of the Museum’s Board of Directors. She was also professor of Biological Sciences, Emerita, at Stanford University and G. P. Wilder Professor of Botany, Emerita, at the University of Hawai‘i.

Bishop Museum Bulletin in Botany 4

Written by Isabella Aiona Abbott and John Huisman
Date of Publication: 2004
Size: 7 x 9 in.
Pages: 260
Binding: cloth
ISBN: 9781581780307